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New Brewery Announcement | Vashon Brewing

For our 8th restaurant announcement, we welcome our first Brewery to the Vashon Eats program! Vashon Brewing! We will be offering their beer to be sold on its own with purchases of $20 or more, or as an add on to your restaurant order! "Founded by Brewmaster Cliff Goodman, Vashon Brewing is passionate about brewing high qualify craft beer, inspired by the Pacific Northwest." Cliff started up the nanobrewery Vashon Brewing Company in 2012, or as locals know it, Cliff's Beer. Vashon Brewing's selection of brews has grown to 9+ delicious varieties from his well-known IPA's, Porters, Blondes, Ales and more

With a focus on keeping the carbon foot print as low as possible, most of the ingredients are sourced from around the state. They also recycle as much as they can, giving their spent grains to feed livestock on the island while also collecting cooling water from the brewery to use in their own garden. To prevent the sale to minors, whoever is placing the order is required to share a valid photo ID via text or email during the order process. The caller must be the owner of the credit/debit card being used for the transaction. We have the right to refuse the sale of beer or any alcoholic beverage to any person including those that seem too intoxicated. Visit our website to view their menu: Call to order at: 425-224-5540 You can also schedule your delivery to beat the dinner rush! #vashonbrewing #vashonbeer #brewery #beerdelivery #vashonisland #vashondelivery #vashonbreweries #vashoneats

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