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New Cidery Announcement | Nashi Orchards

We are excited to announce the first island cidery to join the Vashon Eats program! Welcome Nashi Orchards, we look forward to delivering your tasty cider island-wide!

"Nashi Orchards uses sustainable practices to grow the finest Asian and European Pears and heirloom apples to handcraft perry and hard cider. Our orchard and winery is located on beautiful Vashon Island, Washington where we are a part of a growing community of committed producers of artisanal foods, wines and spirits."

At this time you can choose between their Idyll Acres Cider, which is made from a delicious blend of 100% English & French varieties of apples; or their Island Harvest Perry, a mix of Shinsseiki, Nejiseiki, and Perry pears from wild grown trees on their Vashon orchard.

We have single bottles and packs of 4 available for delivery.

Add on a cider or a few to any food delivery order, or enjoy the refreshing flavors on their own on a sunny island day like today!

Check out our new beverage category here:

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