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Our Safety Precautions during the COVID-19 Threat

Here are some details on what Vashon Eats is doing to keep our island customers, restaurants, and staff safe:

We are doing what we can to keep our drivers safe, the restaurants safe, and of course island residents.

All delivery drivers on shift are wearing masks, gloves and replacing their gloves after every delivery.

Delivery vehicles are extremely sanitary and are consistently sanitized with wipes, sprays, and we make sure we keep proper distancing with everyone from the restaurant to the residence. Staff washes hands at restaurants that allow us to use their restrooms. Deliveries will be placed on the doorstep, porch, or any other specified location by customer to reduce contact.nWe also provide sani-wipes with every order. Our software notifies customers once a delivery has been made so that they do not need to knock, ring doorbell, or open the door to lessen the risk of transmission. Feel free to private message us if you have any specific questions or recommendations. #coronavirus #precautions #safety #spreadlovenotthevirus #vashoneats

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