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Restaurant Announcement | Vashon Island Pizza

We are excited to welcome our first pizza restaurant to the Vashon Eats program! For our 6th Restaurant Announcement, we have Vashon Island Pizza!

"Making great pizzas on Vashon for 11+ years, choose from a variety of delicious pizza creations! Make your own pizza or choose one of our 12 unique specials!"

Vashon Island Pizza has been a staple in the Vashon food scene. Being the only company that has consistently offered delivery, Vashon Pizza has been a savior to many islanders when they are in need of some deluxe, cheesy, goodness!

Regardless of the reason, Vashon Pizza has always been there for us and now it is our turn to support the demand by providing additional delivery services to speed up the order times during this period of need and beyond.

Call us now to order: 425-224-5540

Or visit our website at:

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