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Delivery Drivers Wanted!

Hey Vashonites,

We wanted to share an opportunity to potentially work with Vashon Eats. Currently we have a lean and capable team, however with the attention we have received we expect to grow our fleet over the coming weeks to better serve our restaurants and the community.

To become a driver for Vashon Eats you will need to fulfill our requirements and provide both personal & professional references (preferably island-based). It is one of our highest priorities to work with individuals that we can trust, who care about our brand, and want to be a part of an up and coming island-based company from the ground up.

If you have interest in this position, feel free to reach out to us and share why you feel like you would be a great addition to the Vashon Eats team. While we are trialing the service to better understand the flow of business, we are looking to bring on at least one more driver to support our team if needed.

You can either send us a message through the Facebook page or by email here:

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